Trailer For New Cel-Shaded Ninja Turtles Video Game

January 28, 2016


This is the announce trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan, a cel-shaded co-op brawler coming this summer. There's a single player campaign, as well as up to 4-player online co-op. I'm not sure if local co-op will be an option, but I don't have to worry about that anyways because I haven't had a friend come over to my apartment in almost three years. I'm starting to wonder if I'm even a real person that exists. I could just be a figment of your imagination and in reality there is no Geekologie and if anybody else went to the website they would just get a 404 Not Found error. You ever think of that? You invented me in your mind to make your work day less boring. "Well you're not doing a very good job." If this is all true technically that's your fault.

Keep going for the trailer, then friend me on PSN so we can play together and yell dirty words.

Thanks to Lindon, who agrees the original 4-player Ninja Turtle arcade game was, and still is, the tits. Same goes for the Simpsons one.

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