Timelapse Build Of Custom 6,000 Piece LEGO AT-AT

January 11, 2016


This is a timelapse of LEGO maniac Peter "Cavegod" Brookdale building a custom designed 6,000 piece LEGO AT-AT Walker over the span of 26 hours. For reference, the largest official AT-AT set sold by LEGO is only 1,137 pieces. I think it's amazing how people can design and build things like this without an instruction manual. I wouldn't even know where to begin designing something like this. My brain doesn't work like that. That's probably why I'm not an architect or engineer. I tried building a simple rectangular box house out of LEGO before and the roof collapsed and killed all four minifigs who were squatting in it.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jae, who wants to see that thing stomping some Ewok minifigs.

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