This Wall Needs More Rawr: Simplistic T-Rex Wall Shelf

January 6, 2016


Because plastic milk crates nailed to the wall aren't fancy enough for some people, this is the Dinosaur Decorative Wall Shelving available from expand furniture. It's not actually one piece though, it's a bunch of interlocking pieces you assemble yourself, so you can customize it if you want. Or make your own shelving unit of a different species of dinosaur. It costs $300 though (regularly $375), so you might want to reconsider that before making fun of my milk crate shelves. They work just fine. *loads shelf up with books, it immediately rips a gaping hole in the wall revealing my roommate masturbating in the linen closet* WHY ARE YOU IN THE LINEN CL-- you know what, I don't even want to know. You're washing all my towels and sheets right this second though. I can't live like this much longer, I really can't.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




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