That's Too Much: Massive Custom 22 x 22 Rubik's Cube

January 19, 2016


This is the 22 x 22 Rubik's Cube made entirely from 3-D printed parts (2,691 of them, you can print your own at Thingiverse HERE) by the folks at Coren Puzzle. Each face of the cube has 484 individual squares (technically some of them are rectangles), for a total of 4.3 x 10^1795 different combinations. For reference, that would take about four hundred lifetimes for me to solve. Or one smack with a hammer. One smack with a hammer can solve a lot of problems. Ask my old laptop. "He murdered me." You got old and slow, I released you from the shackles of this life.

Keep going for a video demo, as well as a BONUS video of a 22 x 22 Rubik's Cube exploding into a million pieces because damn that felt good to watch.

Thanks to Marcus O, who's going to make a 25 x 25 Rubik's Cube then film himself breaking it in front of people who have waited up all night in line to buy a 25 x 25 Rubik's Cube because Youtube hits.

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