Supervillain Lair Ready: A $500K Golden Skull Armchair

January 8, 2016


This is the $500,000 Gold Skull Armchair designed and sold by Harow. It has an internal steel frame, reinforced fiberglass exterior covered in 24k gold, and a black velvet seat (it also comes in a black version that I posted previously, although I don't know how much less that one is). Man, it sure would suck to spill a drink on that chair, am I right? No, I am wrong -- if you can comfortably spend half a million dollars on a chair, nothing can suck anymore. You could break both my legs while I'm sitting in my $500,000 chair and I would just laugh and get them replaced with rocket legs. Then have you captured and dropped into my shark tank and watch you get eaten alive.

Keep going for shots from all sides.





Thanks to Iza, who is holding out for a million dollar gold AND diamond skull chair.

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