Specialized Support-Less Tunnel Building Truck System

January 14, 2016


This is a specialized truck used to build support-less stone tunnels. It's called the Zipper truck system, although I like to think of it as more of a Naked Mole Rat truck system. The blocks are lowered onto its roller back, then pressed into place with the weight of an excavator. The truck drives away and, TA-DA - you've got yourself a stone tunnel. Simple as that. Still, as cool as building tunnels is, you know what I like even more? BURNING BRIDGES. Awwww yeah, I hate all my friends don't ever text me again.

Keep going for a video, but feel free to skip around because 11 minutes of tunnel truck. I just want to lay on the back of that thing and get a body massage.

Thanks to David D, who builds tunnels the old fashioned way: quietly at night when the guards aren't making their rounds.

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