Slicing Soda Bottles & Cans Open In Super Slow-Motion

January 6, 2016


Because slow motion is the new regular speed, these are two videos of the Crazy Russian Hacker and his pal Zombies Go Boom slicing soda bottles and cans in half filmed at 10,000 frames per second. I'm pretty sure I've seen that guy with the sword hanging around the katana kiosk at the mall over the weekend. Plus later he asked me for a quarter in the arcade and I gave it to him because I'm pretty sure he bought some shurikens and I'm not trying to get ninja starred in the back when I'm trying to get my pinball on.

Keep going for the videos, then somebody buy a high-speed camera and meet me in the park by my house after work. I've got some ideas.

Thanks to Pavel, who informed me that, based on his sword-swinging skills, clearly this guy was not trained by Master Splinter.

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