Sinking Of Titanic Recreated In 120,000 Piece LEGO Build

January 21, 2016


Note: Worthwhile, much higher resolution version of the above shot HERE.

This is a LEGO recreation of the sinking of the Titanic built using over 120,000 LEGO pieces and 250 hours by "The Brick Man" Ryan McNaught, Mitchell Kruik and Clay Mellington. It is most impressive. Presumably there's a metal frame holding the two pieces together, because I don't think plastic is going to support the size and weight of the back of that ship. A beautiful build, although depressing at the same time. A lot of those minfigs aren't going to make it, you know. There's nothing funny about that, especially considering Rose could have saved Jack's life by sharing the piece of wood she was floating on. But noooooooo, he was probably just a spring fling anyways. Heartless rich girls.

Keep going for three more pics, which you can also see in ultra high-res over at Ryan's Flickr page.




Thanks to Jeffrey S, who wants to see a LEGO recreation of the time he beat me at Battleship by sinking my destroyer. You cheated Jeffrey, just admit it!

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