Round On The Ground: Camping Doughnut Tent System

January 22, 2016


This is the conceptual Camping Doughnut tent system designed by Sungha Lim, Hyunmook Lim, and Han Kim. Instead of traditional tents, it consists of collapsible curved sections that can be attached to one other in different shape arrangements like S and O. There are also straight sections so you can make even more shapes. The possibilities are endless! Unfortunately, the possibilities are also still conceptual, so don't expect to be chasing your lover around a doughnut tent naked pretending you're a hungry bear and their butt is honey anytime soon.

Heep going for a couple more pictures and then wonder if there's anything that holds them down so they don't blow away.




Thanks to Ro, who once tried camping in a sandcastle on the beach but it washed away in the middle of the night plus a crab stole his flip-flops.

  • derKomentator

    This is the moral equivalent of junk food. I could say I'm "conceptualizing" about a tent that floats 10 feet above the ground. I could draw a nice picture of my concept floating there above the bears. I could omit any speculation, let alone actual discussion, about the materials or systems required for my concept to become reality. Geekologie should be renamed something like geekdreaming.

  • MustacheHam

    I do wonder if they provide a green version of this pipe tent.

  • Huck PS

    Mario? Is this you?

  • bruised_blood

    Blimey, this comment section escalated quickly...

  • putomadre

    Saw this on a year or more ago. Still want is so badly. But I doubt it is getting made if hasn't by now. Boohoo and shit :(

  • Kaizer Chief

    The wind makes a save.

  • Toastrider

    I do wonder what it's made of. Most tents incorporate an over-cover to shed rain, as well as stakes to prevent a wind from picking the tent up. It's an interesting concept but I REALLY would want to experiment with it first.

  • dougfunnay

    why do so many people hate camping?
    if you camp in an rv or something like this you may as well save yourself some money and stay home and google some pictures
    could always use less idiots congesting the road

  • KKwantsabeer

    @dougfunnay:disqus I agree and would even take it a step further and say that American "camping" has becoming what the Brits refer to as "caravaning."

    Take every possible luxury from home and pack it into your suburbanite crossover (the millenial equivalent of an minivan) and go to a crowded campground and drink sh*tty beer while listening to DMB and paying KanJam. You want to go camping? Grab a backpack, fill it with bare (and bear!) necessities and go stay in the back country for a couple of days. Anything less is just going on vacation but being too cheap for a hotel room.

  • Tom

    wow iv done loads of camping an i mean loads being an adveture climber. normally i find all campers to be very nice people un like the elitist egotistical pricks that seem to think there style of camping is better! all i have to say is after 4 days of solid rain the people in the tents here look bloody miserable half them have left an im playin cards in the warm with my girlfriend im not saying my camper is better than a tent im just saying you dont need to be miserable to enjoy the out doors!

  • Mr. Popo

    Because Skinwalkers.

  • Safe from bears... or privacy circle for nude fun!

  • Bling Nye

    Bears love nude fun too. :(

  • Boy howdy, do they ever...

  • Meh

    This would be the thing for festivals, now all it needs is a guard.

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