Roman Candle Minigun Fires 1,001 Shots In 45 Seconds

January 7, 2016


This is the Roman candle minigun made by two dudes in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin (previously: some other guy's dual Roman candle miniguns). It shoots 1,001 rounds in about 45 seconds and consists of seven 'Cyber Cannon' Roman candles taped around a piece of 3-inch PVC pipe with handles attached to the rear. You know, sometimes I wish I had handles attached to my rear. Then I could rent myself out as a non-mechanical bull at parties. "Sex parties?" Good heavens no! Corporate events.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Loohoo, who is going to triple the number of Roman candles then fire them at me on my way to the bus stop tomorrow morning. Heck yeah, that'll wake me up.

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