Restroom On The Go: Car Tire Toilet Seat Attachment

January 21, 2016


This is the toilet seat made for attaching to a parked car's tire. I can not stress PARKED CAR enough because you do no want to try to use this thing while the vehicle is in motion, someone will almost certainly see your ass. I've actually seen toilet seats that mount to a truck's tow hitch before, but never a tire. I kind of like this one more though (beside the fact you can't use it while your buddy drives around the neighborhood trying to knock you off with sharp turns). You could mount another one on the back tire, then open the driver's door and, TA-DA, privacy stalls. Me? I don't need a toilet seat to use the restroom, I can just lean against things. Trees are great. Sometimes I like to go to the bathroom in the woods even when I'm not camping. As a matter of fact, I go to the bathroom in the woods more often than I don't. "Technically that's a flower bed in a public park." And technically you're not a park ranger so how about shutting up and gathering me some soft leaves?

Thanks to JS, who taught me that a person with no shame always has a toilet in the back of their pants.

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