Planets & Stars: Cat With Multi-Colored Galactic Eyeballs

January 22, 2016


These are several shots of a cat with beautiful heterochromatic eyes that make it look like its eyeballs are filled with outerspace. Heterochromia occurs when an iris contains two different colors and is no cause for concern if your pet was born that way, but could be a sign of an eye disease if your cat develops it in later life. I could stare into those eyes forever. Couldn't I? Couldn't I, lil kitty? You're a good lil kitty. Pretty kitty. Pretty pretty lil kitty. "GW?" What? "You're baby talking." I'm not baby talking, I'm kitty talking -- there's a difference. Show me a baby and I'll show you some real baby talk. "Here." Now listen closely kid: enjoy shitting yourself while you still can, because when you grow up not only are people judge you for it, but nobody is gonna clean you up afterwards either.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to Lucinda, who wants a cat with eyes that look like rainbows that always guide it to treasure. Same, I want one of those too.

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