Phone Case Looks And Feels Like Realistic Human Ear

January 21, 2016


This is the human ear iPhone case made by Los Angeles-based creepy body parts artist Sarah Sitkin for an embroidery artist from Melbourne, Australia. The ear is supposed to look and feel like a real human ear. That's freaky deaky. I wonder what it would feel like in my pocket. No, I wonder what it would feel like...on my tongue. I'm joking, I'm not an ear kisser. One time I was about to nibble a lover's ear but there was a dead bug in there and that's when I knew I could never love or make love to her again. I'm so sorry, honey. "You're talking to a painted mannequin head." Do you mind? I'm trying to break up with my girlfriend here.

Thanks to Hazed, who had to eat a dozen deviled eggs in one minute to join the secret society, and that was just the beginning.

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