Only Five?!: Filipino Man Sets New Record For Most Candles Extinguished With Farts

January 12, 2016


"This job stinks" -- the guy holding the candles, according to the book of dad jokes I just found in a bathroom stall.

Because when it comes to setting world records, if at first you don't succeed, give up and try something nobody else is doing (particularly something butt related), this is a video of Gerard Jessie of the Philippines successfully blowing out five candles in a row with his butt and the help of a special ass horn. Personally, I feel like the use of the horn is cheating. No word how many helium balloons Gerard had to butt-huff to provide enough windpower for the feat, but I'm guessing at least one big 'Get Well Soon'. Also, I'm not sure who's officiating these 'world records', but I had a friend who managed to butt-blow out all the candles on the cake for his 28th birthday. Yeah, and ALL AT ONCE. I did not have a piece of that cake afterward.

Keep going for the video and audio. Oh, the audio.

Thanks to my buddy Adam, once tried to light a fart through sweatpants and set himself and the couch on fire (true story).

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