Nowhere Is Safe: Sharks Living In Underwater Volcano

January 12, 2016


This is a short video from National Geographic exploring the submarine volcano Kavachi, located in the South Pacific near the Solomon Islands. The scientists drop a submersible camera into the very active volcano (it's usually erupting more often than its not) and discover two different species of sharks living in the acidic, ash-filled waters: silky sharks and scalloped hammerheads. Now is the time I would normally say I'm going to go live on the moon, but you and I both know I'd be met almost immediately with space sharks and/or moon spiders. I think my safest bet is just living in my constantly running shower. Remind me to call the Guinness Book Of World Records in a couple months and have them come award me the world's pruniest man.

Keep going for the video, then take a second to consider if it's really too late to be the marine biologist you always wanted to be growing up.

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