Nailed It: Smart Car Wrapped To Look Like A Motorcyle

January 7, 2016


This is a Smart Car with a photographic wrap to make it look like the driver is riding a motorcycle. I think it's real, but it could be a Photoshop job. At first I thought the front fork of the motorcycle extended past the fender of the car, but I think the bottom of the fender is actually painted black. I don't f***ing know, I'm no Photoshop expect, where's Daisy? All I know is now I want my car wrapped to look like a tank so people get out of my way when I drive. No lie, I sat behind a car honking for like five minutes yesterday because they wouldn't move! I assumed they were texting or something so I finally got out of my car to let them have it when I realized parallel parking spot.

Thanks to I Don't Read, who presumably sends tips just to make my job easier and not see their shout-out. You are a good person.

  • adsffda

    YOU got rid of Daisy when you changed to this disqus shitshow and purged the old comments :(

  • Throb Gobblin

    The rear fender arch, and the cut under the tail light were both very badly done.

  • Ozolz .

    how the hell is this STAR WARS related? ARE YOU DRUNK

  • Remy

    The shadows are all wrong.

  • According to the site below, this is a relatively common thing. Still stupid...but most likely legit for all you people screaming "PHOTOSHOPPED" and frothing at the mouth like some sort of rabies-fueled keyboard warrior.

  • Ed Hopkins

    If you look below the door handle, you can see the seam of the door disappears. This is either a photoshop or a wrap that seals the driver's door shut.

  • Throb Gobblin

    Rear fender arch and the cut under the tail light are giveaways.

  • dylan

    definitely 'shopped... look at the reflection of the photographer in the motorcycles chrome

  • DrZanz

    The problem here is in the reporting, it's not a paint job it's a transfer. The print would obviously be created from a photo, the presence of the photographer in the chrome is no indication of 'shopping.
    I've actually seen one of these and a few other designs with different bikes and rider genders/clothing.

  • dylan

    Very good point.. I guess technically they needed to Photoshop it for the transfer then hah

  • cock stain

    Daisy has been dead for years GW Jesus Christ. It's like in that movie Never Back Down when they discover all those dead bodies Max keeps in his crawlspace.

  • "I'm no Photoshop expect, where's Daisy?"

    Aww. RIP Daisy :(

  • I never thought a Smart car could look more stupid than it already does.

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