Nailed It: Smart Car Wrapped To Look Like A Motorcyle

January 7, 2016


This is a Smart Car with a photographic wrap to make it look like the driver is riding a motorcycle. I think it's real, but it could be a Photoshop job. At first I thought the front fork of the motorcycle extended past the fender of the car, but I think the bottom of the fender is actually painted black. I don't f***ing know, I'm no Photoshop expect, where's Daisy? All I know is now I want my car wrapped to look like a tank so people get out of my way when I drive. No lie, I sat behind a car honking for like five minutes yesterday because they wouldn't move! I assumed they were texting or something so I finally got out of my car to let them have it when I realized parallel parking spot.

Thanks to I Don't Read, who presumably sends tips just to make my job easier and not see their shout-out. You are a good person.

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