Man Builds System To Automatically Blast 'Who Let The Dogs Out' Whenever The Neighbors Play Music Too Loud

January 28, 2016


This is a video of Jameel demonstrating the system he built with an Arduino micro-controller to automatically blast The Baha Men's 'Who Let The Dogs Out' whenever it detects the neighbors are playing their music too loud. It is very effective (especially after he turns the speakers around). So effective the neighbors start pounding on the wall because they don't like it when somebody else is playing loud music. Weird how that works. You know my downstairs neighbors like to blast EDM when they wake up, then they leave for work and just let it play all day. I assume to drive me crazy. As you may have noticed from the handfuls of hair on the couch, it's working.

Hit the jump for the passive-aggressive video.

Thanks to ANSWSG, whose parents probably didn't name them that.

  • JohnnyBGood

    I just call the cops. There's no need to interact with these assholes. If they were assholes to blare up music (we're talking extremely loud music you'd go deaf), do you fucking seriously think they will reason with you when you ask them to lower it? There are legit rules in society. Look it up. In my area, it's after 10 pm and before 7 am. Any clown breaking this law deserves cops on their doors. Look up the laws and rules. I use the non-emergency number. Cops show up in 30 mins, music is still blaring. Asshole tries to pretend they don't live there (I heard them through the door by listening intently) and lied that the person who owned the system had left. Obviously I live here so I know my neighbors. 1 AM and assholes still playing loud music. I call the cops again. Dead quiet after the cop talks to them again. I don't know if he threatened to fine them or take them to jail for disturbing the piece, but I haven't heard loud music play since.

  • RDarker

    When your neighbor knows you're a passive aggressive nerd that couldn't punch his way out a wet paper bag...

  • G-man

    Who the hell uses a cd-player any more?
    Just play this

  • YOURAuntJemima

    Every single person who is up in arms against the uploader is the d-bag playing the music. If the neighbor can play music loud why can't he? No matter what his reason is. He doesn't need to tell them to shut up, because its fun being annoying to annoying people like you guys

  • Dexter Morgan

    An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, and a head for a head, and a life for a life, and loud music for loud music.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I'd blast some Vivaldi, Mozart, or Wagner. Give 'em some culture.

  • Jenness


  • rob in katy

    I think it would be better if he just echoed back the same music with a short delay.

  • Jenness


  • BiggyD!!!

    Hey GW, I think I may have seen an interview with your neighbors;

  • MostlyPonies

    People in this comment section:
    1) Assume that he didn't talk to them. We don't know if he did or not.
    2) Are against his passive-aggressive method, yet support him calling the cops, which is also passive-aggressive, as in either case he doesn't have to directly deal with his neighbors.
    3) Ignore the parts where he specifies his system is designed to only respond to continuous loud noise and not random loud noises, and turns off when the loud music stops.

    And no one's mentioned that his system doesn't seem that effective. If his neighbors are playing loud music, how well are they going to be able to hear his music, and are they even going to care? Probably not.

  • Rick Thomas

    This guy is a Bernie Sanders supporter, fucking snowflake

  • wisechiver

    Rig it to trip the circuit breaker to their apartment.

  • Is this how young adults solve problems today? OMG, my future is phucked! Shot out to G Dub (GW) who once let the dogs out to sick on unsuspecting zombies.

  • Bling Nye

    *turns passive-aggressive level up to 11*

  • craig37f .

    This sounds like it would be more annoying than the neighbors.

  • The shadow's are all wrong

    No way, he's totally feeling it

  • TheQiwiMan

    Passive-aggressive, self-sabotaging dill weed.

    Low rumble of neighbor's music bothering you? Fill your house with ear-piercing Baha Men! That'll teach 'em!

    (And leaving your punishment-device turned on while you're not even home? What a complete jackass.)

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    Assuming that's as loud as it gets.

    That's highly likely to not be the case.

    If they can do it why the fuck can't he? So you have a problem when he does it, but not when they do it? Great logic all around.

  • kasual

    Loud enough that you can hear it coming through your walls on a regular basis is really irritating, I've been there. That being said, occasional loud music is fine. This is part of living in close quarters with strangers. This guys response, while technologically novel and humourous, is also a good example of passive aggressive bullshit, which I despise. If it's a problem, go initiate a conversation. If that doesn't yield results, then speak to your landlord or tenant board in a condo situation. If nothing comes of informal processes, then you begin to call in noise complaints to the police. For example, the by-law surrounding noise here is pretty nebulous, "No person shall make, cause or permit noise or vibration, at any time, which is likely to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the inhabitants of the City." By that standard, anything can be an issue. Also, his neighbour should have recognized the first time he heard this guys music that loud music travels through walls. This is something any reasonable person should expect. At that time, you could turn it down.

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