Man Bathes In, Then Tries To Escape Bathtub Filled With 500 Pounds Of Crystal Clear Putty

January 21, 2016


This is a video from Vat19 of an employee sinking into a bathtub filled with 500 pounds of their Liquid Glass Thinking Putty, then trying to get back out. Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is basically clear silly putty. At rest it's almost perfectly clear. I feel bad for that guy forgetting to shave his armpits before getting in there, because it looks like it hurts getting out. And what about his penis? You think the putty tore it off? "I lost mine during a giant octopus battle." Aquaman, everybody! I always wondered why your bulge wasn't bigger but my guess was shark blowjob.

Keep going for the video, then lets get bathtubs full of clear putty next to each other and just lay in them and hold hands.

Thanks to Jules, who's always dreamed of watching one of those stunt high divers dive into a Solo cup full of clear putty.

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