Life Isn't Fair: Raccoon Tries To Wet Cotton Candy Before Eating, It Disappears

January 5, 2016


This is a short video of a raccoon wetting a piece of cotton candy before eating it. It never gets to eat it though because the cotton candy dissolves instantly. And that is why you never try to dunk your cotton candy. If you get a piece of cotton candy you jam it in your pie hole as fast as possible. Why do raccoons dunk all their food in water? GOOD QUESTION. A short quote from an entire article about raccoon food dunking from How Stuff Works while I make myself a bowl of cereal:

In a study examining the slowly adapting nerves in the forepaws of 136 raccoons, researchers found that wetting the skin increases the nerve responsiveness. When raccoons perform their dunking ritual, the water on their paws could excite the nerves in their forepaws. That, in turn, gives them a more vivid tactile experience and provides precise information about what they're about to eat. This is a beneficial trait since the raccoon's vision isn't its keenest sense.

So there you have it: they do it because they have shitty vision. Or, I dunno, something about slowly adapting nerves. Do I look like some kind of anatomy professional? I thought all women had two butts until I started dating my second girlfriend. "Why not your first girlfriend?" She really did have two butts.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Master Chris, who just inspired me to buy a box of Dunkaroos on Amazon.

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