Ke-Runch!: Mythbusters Implode A Massive Train Tanker

January 22, 2016


This is a video of the Mythbusters imploding a 67,000-pound train tanker. The tanker is made from 1/2-inch rolled steel, measures 67-feet x10-feet and can carry 30,000 gallons of liquid. In this case its empty though, and the crew uses an industrial vacuum to implode the tanker. "Pfft, I could do that with my mind." Magneto, everybody! "Or penis." Alriiiiiiiight, enough of that. "Are you wearing braces, GW?" Quick, somebody help.

Keep going for three videos: the first of the implosion in real time (skip to 2:40 if it doesn't automatically), the second in super slow motion, and the third talking about the science behind the implosion.

Thanks to Leggy, who either gets paid top dollar to walk the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week, or is a spider. Possibly both.

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