I Feel You: Cross-Eyed Cat Looks Permanently Worried

January 31, 2016


Meet Bum (named after San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner), a cross-eyed cat adopted from the San Diego Humane Society in 2014. And now he's an Instagram star thanks to his permanently worried look. Great, now I want a cross-eyed cat. What causes cross-eyes anyways? Getting slapped on the back when you're making a face? Have I ever told you that one of my eyelids doesn't open as far as the other one? I call it my lazy lid, and it adds PERSONALITY. "What about your hunchback?" That just terrifies the villagers.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to Sandy, who

  • Rick Thomas

    cat plastic surgery? anyone?

  • Guest

    Ahhhh he's so cute

  • Andyman7714

    I wonder if the mice fuck with him?

  • Ry Keener

    "Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler"

  • They named him Bum?!
    Surely that's animal cruelty.

  • Brad Walton

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I never want to see another cat with fucked up eyes that remind us of human expressions or whatever else their eye disease or deformity looks like to people. Depending on how medicated I am, it can be somewhat interesting or just depressing.

  • Jenness

    My thoughts exactly. Its depressing and there are whack-jobs who look at this and then try to breed deformities into healthy cats so they can market them as novelty pets.

    Adding: Looks like a sweet cat though and glad the owners are taking good care of it.

  • Roger Moore!

  • Wiley

    Very ugly, hard to look at.

  • Mr.4maldehyde

    It's okay, buddy, you can put the mirror down.

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