I Don't Have 13 Friends: Bartender's 14 Jägerbomb Trick

January 12, 2016


Because some people order 14 drinks at a time, this is a vertical video (clearly filmed by a drunk) of bartender Philip Traber performing an impressive 14 Jägerbomb trick. First he sets out 15 pint glasses and fills them with a little Red Bull (minus the first one), then balances 14 shot glasses on the rims between the pints. Next, he fills all the shot glasses simultaneously with Jägermeister using 14 stacked tumblers, before giving the first shot glass a tap, sending all 14 diving into their pints. Most impressive. Over the weekend I asked a bartender to make me a bourbon and ginger and I got a Miller Lite bottle with half the neck shattered off.

Keep going for the video, then meet me at the bar for lunch. They have a great prime rib special.

Thanks to Suede, who had to wait eight minutes for a bartender with way too much flair to open a PBR can.

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