I Bet It's Magic: White Giraffe Photographed In Tanzania

January 26, 2016


These are a handful of photographs of a rare white giraffe spotted in Tanzania. Giraffes, as I'm sure you're all aware, are normally green and purple. This one is white due to leucism, or a reduction in multiple pigments. Otherwise it's perfectly healthy. Well, at least until a dentist with a rifle and the dream of owning a white giraffe wall mount comes along.

She was spotted in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania by Dr Derek Lee, founder and scientist at the Wild Nature Institute. "Omo appears to get along with the other giraffes, she has always been seen with a large group of normally coloured giraffe - they don't seem to mind her different colouring," he explained.

Well that's a relief. I was worried this was going to turn into an ugly duckling type situation. Thing is, giraffes don't mature into swans. As young giraffes mature, their necks slowly shrink until they reach adulthood, when they turn into zebras. That is true and I should teach middle school science class because kids these days don't know shit besides texting and those stupid hoverboards.

Keep going for a couple more shots of Omo.





Thanks to Ro, who desperately needs a hair from the tail of a white giraffe to brew a very powerful potion. Pfft, don't we all?

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