I Am Very Into This: Trying To Destroy A House With Expanding, Exploding Foam

January 19, 2016


This is a video from the Norwegian television show Never Ever Do This At Home demonstrating what might happen if you decide to wash your wooden stairs with a combination of potassium iodide, hydrogen peroxide, soap, gasoline and fire. SPOILER: An exploding foam troll. I am never going to wash my stairs with anything but these ingredients ever again. I might not get my rental deposit back, but I've always dreamed of watching this shithole go up in a ball of flames. Unless you're the arson investigator, in which case I've never dreamed of anything but what Smokey The Bear says and also I hate candles I don't even like the smell of them they're just too dangerous also I saw one of my neighbors playing with matches can I go now please I'm a hydromaniac I swear.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to David L, who always just mixes all the chemicals under the sink together because he's smart enough to know companies just tell you that you not to do that because they don't want you to make things that clean better than they sell you.

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