How You Do That?: Crazy Ass Air Dancing Performances

January 26, 2016


These are two videos of competitors in the 2016 Wind Games air dancing inside an indoor skydiving tube. The moves they pull off are impressive to say the least. You really just have to watch it to appreciate it (seriously, they're worth a watch -- and be sure to check out their finishes when they exit the tube). I'd like to think I could do this but I would just sink to the bottom like a fat rock thrown in a lake. So here's my plan, 1) lose some serious weight then 2) choreograph an air-dancing routine inspired by Rose's 'I'm Flying, Jack" scene from Titanic. At the end of my performance I will remove the grate at the bottom and let the fan chop me to pieces because Jack dies at the end and I am an artiste.

Keep going for the videos, then let's make this our new hobby.

Thanks to Stephanie, who informed me Riverdancing is way more her thing than air dancing.

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