Historical Monument Turns Into Darth Vader In The Snow

January 29, 2016


This is the statue honoring Jakub Wejher in Wejherowo, Poland. Jakub is most famous for stabbing a man with a broken light bulb for making a Polish joke. Just kidding, he was a military leader and founded the town in 1643. When it snows though, Jakub transforms into the spitting image of everybody's favorite Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Was Jakub actually a Sith? I doubt it. Was the crumb I just ate off my desk really food? I doubt that too. It tasted like a little piece of ceiling tile.

Keep going for a shot in the snow.


Thanks to Rubber Duck, who looks entirely out of place in the snow. YOU BELONG IN MY BATHTUB.

  • Jon B

    Looks like a gorilla wearing a cape.

  • IronMant

    This statue is a better villain than Kylo Ren.

  • Mr.4maldehyde

    If you want to see something really cool, look up the Devil's Paw in Lublin, Poland.

  • notoriousFF

    No, this is just ectoplasm from the ghost. Did you see the spooky ghost?

  • Big McLargehuge

    I saw a spooky ghost at Cracker Barrel once.
    It had a sexy butt.

  • Dave

    I'm jealous. For both that I didn't just eat at Cracker Barrel, and for not seeing a sexy butt, ghostly or otherwise (except when I look in the mirror)

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