Heck Yeah: Dropping Things Into Overturned Lawnmower

January 25, 2016


Hey folks, we've been having some server issues (apparently our main server turned out to be a microwave with with 'SERVUR' written on the side), so bear with us while we fix everything with a good long cry in the shower.

Because death and destruction is all the rage right now (and has been since the beginning of time), this is a video of an overturned lawnmower destroying things with its blades, filmed in ultra slow-motion and set to beautiful classical music. You know, I actually thought about doing this years ago but as soon as my dad saw me trying to flip the lawnmower over I got grounded. Obviously, of all the people in the world, he knows what I'm capable of.

Keep going for the most cathartic video you'll watch all day.

Thanks to Jeff M, who agrees this is exactly why you should try to avoid running over keyboards and cameras when you're mowing the lawn.

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