Hardcore Physicist Risks Life To Prove Laws Of Physics

January 29, 2016


These are several videos starring physicist Andreas Wahl proving various scientific laws by falling 40 feet attached via rope to a kettle bell, sliding through fire, and firing a rifle at himself underwater. Technically he's not risking his life like I said in the title though because he knows the laws of physics will save him. Of course if I tried the same thing that would be the one time the laws of physics decided to not be laws for the day and I would be dead. One time a friend told me the fifth law of physics is that if you run through a fire with your hands over your head you won't get hurt because your arms and fingers act like heat sinks and that's why I've got all these bandages and can't grow hair on my legs or chest anymore.

Keep going for the videos and get your scary science on.

Thanks to Lydia, who bet me I couldn't hold my hand over a candle for longer than ten seconds but I sure showed her I just wish I had medical insurance because this looks bad.

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