Giant Shoe Shaped Church Designed To Attract Females

January 15, 2016


This is the giant high-heel shoe shaped church built in the Chaiyi province of Taiwan. The glass slipper measures over 10m (36-ft) wide, 16m (55-ft) tall, and is made up of 320 separate tinted glass panels. Despite what several news outlets are reporting, it will not be used for regular worship services though, instead it was designed to attract more females to want to have their weddings there. You know, because every girl dreams of getting married in a giant shoe. Me? I want to get married in a giant cowboy hat and have a mechanical bull at the reception. Yeehaw! Anybody seen my wife? "She left you at the alter." Oh right.

Keep going for a video of Giant Cinderella's missing shoe.

Thanks to Brenna, who wants to get married in a giant roller skate.

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