Get Your Own Face 3D Printed As A LEGO Minifig Head

January 8, 2016


Etsy shop funky3Dfaces is offering custom 3D printed LEGO minifig heads of your very own noggin for $30. You just send them pictures from all around your head, then they turn it into a 3D model and print it. Granted they don't really look like minifig heads, but they do kinda sorta look like a really blurry ghost version of your own face. I'll tell you what -- if you send me $30 and a picture of your face, I'll meticulously paint a blank minifig head to look just like you. What do you think? "You sent me a grape." Your head looks like a grape!

Keep going for one more shot with the photos used to make a head in case you were wondering just how accurate they are.


Thanks to Jeffrey S, who wants a custom Ninja Turtle action figure head that looks like him so he can eat pizza with the gang and try to put the moves on April.

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