Genie?!: Magic Carpet Chair Looks Like Floating Carpet

January 12, 2016


This is the Carpet Chair, a collaboration between furniture designer Stelios Mousarris and artist Jan Blythe. It's supposed to look like a magic flying carpet. And it does. The chair comes in a variety of different rug styles and costs €12,000 (~$13,000). For reference, you could rent my apartment for an entire year for the same price. It does come with furnished with a live-in roommate though, and that roommate may or may not keep you up late at night drinking beer and yelling at the television. It is The Bachelor season, after all. "What?!" I said I'm balls deep into Fallout 4. BANG BANG BANG!

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Thanks to CLH, who agrees if real anti-gravitational flying carpet chairs don't exist by the time we die, life was disappointing and we should have been born two hundred years later.

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