Game Changers: New Hexagonal Beer Pong Cups

January 20, 2016


These are the HexCups designed by William Heimsoth and Aaron Attebery. $15 gets you a complete set (22 cups, 3 balls) provided they reach their Kickstarter goal. HexCups are beer pong cups that are crush-proof, won't slide on spilled beer, and fit together perfectly because they're hexagonal. They're really going to change the game of beer pong by making the game of beer pong less like the game of beer pong that's always existed. The gaps between round cups have always been a part of the game. Are you improving the game by removing the gaps, or just making it easier? Is this beer pong for children? Are you supposed to play with baby shots of Fireball? I'm in, RACK 'EM.

Hot the jump for their promotional video.

Thanks to Interested Viewer, who is into this new and improved version of beer pong. Me? I remember a time when beer pong was played with pebbles instead of ping-pong balls, and I liked it.

  • Brock

    No, it's just the Millennials version on beer pong. Circular cups will still exist, no worries.

    This is similar to video games getting checkpoints and unlimited lives. We still get challenging video games, there are just fewer of them or a "hard mode".

  • PUNX

    isn't that what the extra space between the cup is for, to add a little more of a challenge.

  • The_Wretched

    It's not enough to put the cups in the dishwasher, they need to be open to one of the spray heads too.

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