Disco Funk Version Of Star Wars Music From 1977

January 29, 2016


This is Music Inspired By Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk, an album released by Meco in 1977 that kind of remixed the Star Wars theme into a funky disco jam. I can really see myself shaking my outerspace-loving ass to this. Mostly because I'm watching myself shake my ass to this in the mirror right now. UH UH UH. Wait - is that a quarter stuck to my buttcheek? Wouldn't be the first time. One morning I was showering and 80 cents fell off of me.

Keep going for the recording.

Thanks to Allyson S, who is already lacing her Darth Vader disco roller skates up.

  • Kerry Amburgy-Dickson

    I actually had this one on vinyl when I was a kid.

  • Joe Schmopped

    I have this album. It was in my dad's collection that I "inherited" after he passed.

  • Pajama Man

    This is new at all. Plenty of people have a CD of this album. I have at least one track of it when I got a bunch of songs off my dad's computer.

  • Oh my giddy aunt!
    How can it be FIFTEEN MINUTES long?
    And what's with space girl on the cover? Why is she rubbing her butt on Buck Rogers?
    Is that how you greet people in the future?

  • StarChucker

    Everyone rubs their butt on Buck Rogers. It's a thing.

  • I've been missing out.

  • Bling Nye

    Funny. I had an Eclipse car stereo back in 2003 that required a "CD key" to function if disconnected from the battery. This album was my chosen key. :)

    Of course, Eclipse went out of business because part of their deal was sending you a new deck if yours was stolen... Mine was stolen, got a new deck, never installed it (because it'd just get stolen again)... I imagine lots got stolen and they lost far too much on having to replace them all.

    The idea was that you didn't need a detachable face-plate because thieves wouldn't steal an Eclipse stereo! They were expected to know the Eclipse stereos are rendered useless without the CD key to reactivate it; problem is, most thieves are fucking drugged-out pieces of shit that only see a stereo they think they can get a few bucks from and aren't discerning enough, or care enough to avoid stealing an Eclipse.

    tl;dr - "cool story bro"

  • Gene Kaufman

    Wasn't this in the intro to Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike?

  • Nate Barrett

    Ha, I heard this on the radio one time.

  • Geekologie

    I was caller number nine on the radio one time. Eight was the winner though.

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