Disabled Vet Mods Off-Road Wheelchair Into Snowplow

January 28, 2016


Because it's important to have your faith in humanity restored from time to time, this is an interview with disabled Iraq War vet Justin Anderson and the off-road wheelchair he modified into a snowplow to clear the sidewalks and driveways around his Omaha neighborhood. Justin had to have his leg amputated and recently survived a battle with brain cancer and sees his slowplowing as a way to give back to the community that supported him during his times of hardship. Beautiful story, right? Wait -- what is this feeling in my heart? This is new to me. It feels...warm. Is this what a heart attack feels like? I'm coming, Lord!

Keep going for the inspiring video.

Thanks to Dave DB, who plows snow the old fashioned way: dressing up like a grandma and asking a young neighbor to do it so "I can go visit my grandkids."

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