Curvy, Petite And Tall: Barbie Gets Three New Body Types

January 29, 2016


Because diversity is important, Mattel has just announced that Barbie dolls will now come in three new body types: curvy, petite, and tall. Unfortunately, they did not take my advice and add a Voltron body type to the lineup. You just lost yourself a sale, Mattel.

"We have to let girls know it doesn't matter what shape you come in, that anything is possible," Tania Missad, director of consumer insights for the doll line, said in a video on the Barbie brand website.

According to Mattel, Barbie will now come in four body types and seven skin tones, with 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. In all, 33 dolls will roll out in stages, spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni said.

The move comes a year after Mattel introduced Barbies with moveable ankles that would allow the dolls to wear flat shoes for the first time.

I never owned a Barbie growing up, but my best friend and I spent countless hours tearing his little sister's Barbie heads off and hiding them. We would also give them haircuts. And by give them haircuts I mean shave them bald and Sharpie their faces. Still, even with all the tormenting, his sister turned out just fine. Where is she now anyways? "Mental institution." Oh boy.

Thanks to Rana, who agrees they should make Barbie dolls with one leg significantly longer than the other because that is a real thing I had to deal with and I felt so isolated.

  • Ed

    Will fatties cry when no one buys the fat doll?

  • Anon the Mouse

    Looks more like Normal Teen, Thin Adolescent, and Holocaust Survivor...

  • IronMant

    I'll say it. Curvy Barbie is hot.

  • cabbo


  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    As long as they all can say, "Math class is tough!" then I'm fine with this.

  • Zed68

    Where is morbidly obese Barbie ?

  • Guesticle

    so dumb

  • So people only come in one of four shapes?
    Guess I'm tall.

    Cynical me can't help but feel that this is just an attempt at selling more dolls.

  • Konstantin

    Oh, no, they aren't saying that at all. Attractive, successful people only come in these four shapes. Important distinction there.

  • Does that mean if you don't match one of these shapes exactly you are an ugly troglodyte?
    I don't want to be called a troglodyte (again)! *sob!*

  • Guesticle

    why would you hide from the light? ugliness and photosensitivity seem like two separate traits. what about sexy vampires?

  • I don't understand the photosensitive remark?

  • Guesticle

    i don't either actually

  • Bling Nye

    (troglodytes live in caves...?)

  • Jeremy Tilton

    I can picture future headlines when these all eventually make it to the discount bin. Similar to the last time Barbie tried to diversify the doll.

  • Gene Kaufman

    When I was little the only thing my older half sister would play with me was Barbies.
    Of course being the strange 4-5 year old I was, I re-christened high school Ken into smoking Ken. He'd smoke a rolled up piece of paper always saying he was going to stop but never actually going through with it.
    Oh 5 year old me, did you ever have any innocence to begin with?

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