Coooooool: Inception Inspired Rolling City Coffee Table

January 7, 2016


This is Wave City, an Inception inspired coffee table built by furniture designer Stelios Mousarris. It was built using wood, steel (to support the wave form), and 3-D printing technology and available in a limited edition for €5,000 (~$5,425), which actually seems kind of reasonable in the realm of ridiculously expensive coffee tables. You know what my favorite part of Inception was? Wait -- were there any steamy nude scenes? Hmmm, I guess my favorite part was the very end with the spinning top then.

Keep going for several more shots, then let's all take a nap at work today and try to incept ourselves.





Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees that would look great with a couple Better Homes and Gardens magazines and a cup of coffee on top.

  • kostakisp

    I know I am gonna sound like a party pooper, but how are you supposed to dust this thing?

  • Ana-Maria Šipoš

    Maybe the best thing would be to use vacuum cleaner.

  • hovnik

    This table doesn't seem very stable.

  • But you have to lay on the floor to see all the good bits.

  • Doesn't one always?

  • Konstantin

    Which you'll do after getting sufficiently drunk, and that's also when you'd appreciate it most. It's thought through.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Very cool (but not over $5K-cool)

  • The Mayor

    All cool until you stub your toe into one of those pointy buildings.

  • Holy crap this is actually pretty awesome. If I was in the "ridiculously expensive coffee table" income bracket, I'd totally pick this up.

  • For damned sure. (That wouldn't be too bad a bracket to be in, at that!)

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