Completely Normal: Mother Of Teenage Son Knits A Fabric Version Of Him So They Can Still Cuddle

January 13, 2016


This is the lifesize knit son doppelganger that Dutch textiles designer and mother Marieke Voorsluijs knit for herself because her real teenage son has hit puberty and doesn't want to cuddle with her anymore. Presumably Marieke plans to stuff the doll eventually, but in these pictures her younger, still cuddle-able son is wearing his brother. That's not weird. You know, I remember when I grew too old to cuddle with my parents -- that's when I knew I'd finally become a man. I was six weeks old, and I set off to live in the woods with my new wolf family. I learned how to communicate with trees and rocks before my first birthday. "What do rocks say?" Usually, "THROW ME IN THE WATER!" They really love being in the water for some reason. I suspect (but haven't verified) that they all secretly wish they were coral. I know tons of stuff like this if you want to buy me a beer sometime.

Keep going for several more pictures of the cuddly doppelganger being modeled by Marieke's younger son.






Thanks to my friend Jessica C, who just knit herself two new cats because her roommate said she can't get any more real ones.

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