Circular Bridge Constructed In Uruguay To Slow Traffic, Encourage Drivers To Enjoy The View

January 26, 2016


This is the circular bridge recently constructed on the southern coast of Uruguay between Rocha and Maldonado to slow traffic and encourage drivers to enjoy the panoramic views. So they're making the bridge safer by slowing traffic, but then ramping the danger back up again by encouraging drivers to not pay attention to the road. Maybe that's why I just drove my car into the water. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer when drivers actually pay attention to driving. The other day I saw a guy driving and checking his Instagram feed. I yelled that I'm gonna take a picture of the wreck when he crashes but I don't think he got it even though I felt like that was pretty clever at the time. Now that I look back at it I realize it wasn't that clever and I should have just stuck with a classic 'OFF YOUR PHONE @$$HOLE!' and two solid birds.

Keep going for two more shots from different angles.



Thanks again to Ro, who informed me the shortest distance between two points is a tunnel dug through the center of the earth.

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