Bling Bling, Money Ain't A Thing (But Gas Mileage Is): The World's Flashiest Toyota Prius

January 20, 2016


This is the world's flashiest Toyota Prius, modified and tuned by the "yes you can too polish a turd" folks at Tokyo-based Kuhl Racing. It kind of reminds me of the iridescent sheen you sometimes see on roast beef. The modifications include "an original front diffuser, side step, and rear spoiler in a four point body kit. All of this covered in a custom shiny gold accented wrap." Gotta have that side step -- Priuses are tall as shit like monster trucks. I'm not sure who the hell would ever drive the world's flashiest Prius, but my guess is somebody who wants to make it absolutely clear they are THE COOLEST Lyft or Uber driver.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



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