Yes, Really: Darth Vader And Death Star Funeral Urns

December 28, 2015


Because literally every product has to be available with a Star Wars theme or George Lucas goes to bed sad, these are the Darth Vader mask and Death Star funeral urns available from U.K. based Urns For Ashes. The 3-D printed urns cost around $225 and can be custom colored so you can set grandpa's ashes on top of the fireplace mantle in the purple Death Star urn he always dreamed of. No, that's not a moon, that's all that's left of grandpa. Alternatively, 3-D print your own. Or put his ashes in a shoebox next to grandma's in a cookie jar. When I die I want my ashes scattered into a volcano so I can rise from them like a phoenix. But if that phoenix doesn't immediately fly off into space to live on another planet I'm cool with my body just being dumped in the ocean. "CHOMP CHOMP." Jaws, everybody!

Thanks to becca b, who bought one to use as a fancy drinking chalice until somebody dies.

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