Yes: Guy Builds Functional Flamethrowing Lightsaber

December 18, 2015


This is the flame-powered lightsaber built by electrical engineer Allen Pan. It even makes authentic sound effects when turned on and off. The blade is a little thin to look like an actual lightsaber, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Obviously, I'm going to try to build an even bigger and better one over the holidays and set the Christmas tree on fire. I'll tell my family it must have been a short circuit in the tree lights, and I only had time to save my own presents. My nieces and nephews will be devastated.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration of the flamesaber.

Thanks to JD, who plans on modding a welding torch into a lightsaber and will more than likely get to know the entire local fire department on a first name basis.

  • Billy Avenue

    Just judging by the picture, pretty sure it's a jizz gun.

  • craig37f .

    Just imagine what this guy could do with a team of specialist and a real lab.

  • GeneralDisorder

    This brings a new meaning to the word flamberge.

    Also, just when I assumed I had thought of every way to burn the house down...

  • Kyle Myers

    Would higher pressures create a "blade" that could be swung without putting it out?

  • Brad Walton

    Yeah, but higher pressure would also keep it from looking like a "blade". It's like putting your thumb over the opening of a water hose to make a faster stream, but it also goes much further. He would just have a nice little personal flame thrower.

  • yansyans

    are you saying he should put his thumb over the opening:

  • TheQiwiMan

    No mas Star Wars. No mas. Por favor.

    Ay caramba.

  • Dave

    Yes. And I don't even watch TV and have to put up with the commercials and crap.

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