Wiener Dog Mechanic Carries Tools For Human Helpers

December 18, 2015


These are a handful of shots from Russia of a wiener dog wearing a special mechanic's jumpsuit that allows him to carry wrenches around the workshop for his human counterparts. He looks like a great helper. Hey Hotdog -- bring me the 14mm! People have expressed some concern about the dachshund's back because wiener dogs are notorious for developing back problems (specifically intervertebral disc disease, IVDD -- I grew up with a wiener dog named Rusty), but a vet friend of mine (who may not actually admit to being friends) said it looks pretty insignificant and that being overweight/repeatedly jumping and/or running up and down tall stairs is more troublesome in the long run. Also, he told me he'd appreciate it if I stopped blowing up his phone while he's at work with texts like 'EMERGENCY -- MICHAEL COME IN' and 'BAD NEWS BRO CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU CAN' when I'm just going to ask about pictures of a wiener dog. That was my bad. So was stealing and eating those cat steroids.

Keep going for two more shots.



Thanks to Stephanie B, who put a tool-carrying vest on her cat, which proved worthless because now the cat's hiding under the middle of the bed. Try opening a can of tuna.

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