Well How Bout That?: You Can Bleach A Coke Clear

December 29, 2015


Presumably because he likes all his drinks clear like vodka (and can't wait for Crystal Clear Pepsi's re-release), this is a video of CrazyRussianHacker proving the awesome power of bleach by bleaching a glass of Coca-Cola clear. Interesting. I made my roommate prove the awesome power of bleach by cleaning up his puke in the bathroom. Science! On a side note -- did somebody here leave a glass in the break room labeled 'DO NOT TOUCH'? Because I think somebody might have accidentally touched it with their mouth and now I need to got the hospital before I die.

Keep going for the video and please no, "CHUG IT YOU CHICKEN."

Thanks to DG, who agrees you really shouldn't leave glasses of bleach lying around.

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