Uh-Oh: Soft Cheese-Like Chocolate Sandwich Slices

December 9, 2015


These are the cheese singles style chocolate slices being sold by Japanese company, Bourbon. Each package contains five 2-mm thick soft slices of nama chocolate and costs around $3. My peanut butter and banana/chocolate/honey/marshmallow fluff sandwich game is never going to be the same! I've just been using chocolate syrup this whole time. Now there are SOFT CHOCOLATE SLICES. This is probably the best news I'll hear all week. *phone ringing* Hello? Oh hey, sis. I'm going to be an uncle? I don't even know what that means. Listen, have you heard about these chocolate sandwich slices?!

Thanks to Eye Of The Liger, who looked straight into my soul, and apparently didn't like what it saw because now the liger is attacking me.

  • autumndawnzz

    AAAAaaaaaannnnnnddddd...... we wonder why there is a diabetic epidemic.........

  • aldenscott

    Couldn't you just buy a jar of Nutella?

  • da1nonlysage

    Nutella is crap!

    *hides behind computer monitor*

  • aldenscott

    And so is this product, in all likelihood. But if you're the kind of freak who wants chocolate on his sandwich, a jar of Nutella will be cheaper and last longer.

  • Harold_Finch

    we had them in england, they got taken off the shelves.

  • iofo61

    Too much flavor offended the British sense of blandness?

  • Harold_Finch

    Our chocolate is factually sweeter than yours bitch!

  • I need these.
    I need them inside me!

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'll just take a 5 pound block of chocolate... I can cut it, melt it, mold it, eat it... Whatever I feel like doing with it!! Because it weighs 5 frigging pounds... I'd get sick of the chocolate before I finished. Actually, showing my age here, I get sick of chocolate before I can finish a normal candy bar most of the time (except Reese's cups... I could eat them until it made me puke then eat more).

  • Bling Nye

    FYI everybody, they don't store well between your buttcheeks.

  • Joseph Gattuso

    Well, there goes my diet.

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