Two Skateboarders Trade Boards Midair Over Huge Jump

December 18, 2015


This is a short video of Mitchie Brusco and Italo Penarrubia trading skateboards while midair over a massive jump. At first I thought not making it to the other side of the jump was certain death, but after I watched the video enough I realized there's a net below. That was probably a smart addition. You don't want your cool skateboard ramp getting closed down just because everybody who's ever ridden it has fallen to their death. That's how my zipline got closed down, and now my backyard amusement park is ruined.

Keep going for the video, then this weekend you and I will practice switching pogo sticks midair without infertilizing ourselves.

Thanks to Cram, who wants to see the same trick performed with monster trucks. Aww yeah!

  • shashi

    Their so young and cool i wanna cry onto my plate of cocopops and cognac

  • You lucky bastard all I have is Dark & stormy and pringles.

  • shashi

    Thanx. The plate is 'borrowed' tho

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