Tortoise Rescues Tortoise Friend Stuck On A Rock

December 8, 2015


Dammit Jeffrey, you've gotta stop trying to hump that rock. It's too much stone for you!

This is a short video from some zoo or petting zoo or something of a tortoise who got stuck on a rock, and his buddy has to come rescue him. Or maybe the smaller one is a female and they're SEXUAL PARTNERS. Or maybe the smaller one is not a female and they're sexual partners. I like how the lady filming the whole thing is so into what's happening, but her husband or boyfriend clearly wants to move along. He says something, then you can hear her say, "I know but I want to watch them!" Now I'm not saying that relationship needs some work, but it's clearly not at that 'help your partner off a rock' level.

Keep going for the video, then help a friend in need today. Me, I'm talking about me. Help me.

Thanks to Bri, who agrees a friend in need is a friend indeed, but a frenemy in need deserves bad deeds.

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