That's Better: Fallout 4 Nicolas Cage Face Moon Mod

December 14, 2015


This is the 'Ultra Immersive 4K Nicolas Cage Moon' Fallout 4 PC mod created by Nexusmods user TheCouchSloth. It replaces the in-game moon with a waxing and waning Nicolas Cage face. You know, I bet a lot more people would own telescopes if the moon really did look like a face. It doesn't though, which is why I regret ever opening GW's Telescope Emporium. I sell maybe one or two telescopes a week. You think that's enough to pay the bills? My labor costs are through the roof! "Maybe fire the pole dancers?" NEVER. They're the only thing that make this job worth working.

Thanks to 2015, who is almost over and went by way too fast.

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