Stylist That Cuts Hair With Fire, Samurai Swords, Talons

December 7, 2015


Holy shit, I should have just taken my chances at Supercuts. -- that lady

This is a video of Madrid salon owner Alberto Olmedo demonstrating some of his unorthodox styling practices, including burning hair with a blowtorch (I love that smell so much I don't have any hair on my arms), wielding dual samurai swords, and razor talons. No word how many haircuts have turned into accidental blood-lettings. Per the hair artiste himself:

Hairdressers usually cut one side and then the other. And they are always a bit different from the other, even if it's only a little bit. The only way to do it in an exact mathematical way is to cut both sides simultaneously. ...Sometimes you have to use a bit of your imagination to achieve positive results.

Aaaaaaah, Alberto cuts hair the EXACT MATHEMATICAL WAY. That makes a lot of sense. Still, if rich people are willing to pay for stuff like this, I'm more than willing to open my own salon and grab some of that cash. Well hello, ma'am, and what can I do for you today? Just a trim and a blow out? No problem. And any preference whether I use my nunchucks or bow-and-arrow? Wait -- I've got just the thing, let me gas up the tank.

Keep going for a video of Alberto giving Vidal Sassoon a run for his money.

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