Rare Giant Squid Caught Swimming In Japanese Harbor

December 28, 2015


These are several videos captured near Toyama Bay in Honshu, Japan of a giant squid swimming around boats in the harbor. Giant squid are incredibly rare to see because they typically live at great depths. I'm not sure what the hell this one is doing, but there's speculation it either got lost or is sick. Or -- OR -- maybe it was trying to find its friend Nemo who was captured by a diver and sold to a local dentist. When reached for comment about the incident, I accidentally walked in on ocean life expert Aquaman getting a finjob from a mermaid. It was awkward, but I did ask if I could stay and observe for scientific purposes.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Alex, who isn't getting in the water with anything that has tentacles that long. Personally, I have a zero tentacle policy when I'm swimming.

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