Racoon Comes Out Of Ceiling To Steal Donut From Bakery

December 30, 2015


This is 'Sly Cooper and the Thievious Donutus', a short video of a racoon sneaking out of the ceiling at a donut shop to steal an orange flavored donut bar. Not the flavor I would have chosen, but it looks like time was of the essence. You know, sometimes I wish I was a racoon who lived in the attic of a donut shop. Doesn't seem like too bad a life. At least until the guys from the animal control company come. Then life gets shitty real quick.

Hit the jump for the video while I make a run to the donut shop for a couple jelly-filled and a few cartons of chocolate milk.

Thanks to me, for not being afraid to share my dream of being a racoon living in the attic above a donut shop. That was very brave of me.

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